Dear you,

I am my mothers sacrifices and my grand mothers prayers.

I am sorry but I have generations rooting for me.

Showering blessings on me.

Hours spent on darkened knees praying for me.

I can’t give up.


Dear You

Dear you,

Don’t let your bones be a mixture of anger and marrow.

Don’t let your mouth sing its song everyday.

Don’t let it consume you

Dont let it fuel your dreams.

Dear you,

Don’t treat your heart like a public space.

Dont let everyone sit and marvel at its walls.

It holds your joy.

And your joy is precious gold.

Dear you,

Don’t get used to sadness.

Don’t think of it as your favourite chair feeling out of place if you are not in it.

Pain is not comfortable

It’s only numbing.

Something Like AA meetings

I feel the need to introduce myself.

This is my self esteem; twice removed.

Meet my emotional availabity; try making a phone call in the desert you have better luck of reaching through.

These are my walls; made of stone, made of disappointments, made of tomorrow’s that never came.
My clothes may fall faster.

And these are my dreams, this is my fire.

Sometimes it burns but everytime its my light.

Dear reader who is very loyal and patient,

I will write more this year. Not only because my job has so much free time or because I have learned that inspiration is all about perspective. No. Not that. I will write more because stories need to be told.

Tina 🖤