First Post

Hie reader. Welcome to my blog.
I have created many blogs before this and never really posted anything in them because I didn’t know what direction they would take. But with this I’ve decided I will write about the things I experience, observe and hear or whatever. Basically its my perspective on whatever’s thing is there to give my opinion on.

I hope you read this lest this blog becomes one of those musings and rants to a non existent audience. (That will not stop me though)

Enjoy finding out how I tick.



One thought on “First Post

  1. I have now read every post.and I love every one. It’s awesome to know that I have such a smart, amazing and a little psycho person in my corner 💙
    Oh and Thank you for letting me find this on my own 😑:?.
    Love, your stalker and biggest fan.


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