What is Happiness?

Do you consider happiness to be a destination, a fleeting moment or a constant state?
The other day, I was telling my friend that I am happier lately. So yes, I consider happiness a constant state. Maybe it has different levels, lol. Like level one of happy, up to a certain level. Whether leveled or not I believe happiness is a state of general contentment, and not the absence of sadness.
I don’t believe that happiness is a final destination anymore. Many people suggest that happiness is a  destination, a place you get to after going through or doing something. “Get a degree, a good job, great money, great relations or family then you will be happy”.  This I have found to be misleading. What happens when you do all this but you still can’t ‘find’ happiness? I have been a victim of this as I said, looking for happy (I even made pursuit of happiness my theme song). Then I got something I wanted and realised it didn’t make me happy(happier) and this made me sad. So no, to me happiness is not a pursuit, its not a final place or destination. I stopped defining happiness as anything, because once I get the thing I defined as happiness my definition of happy changed.
Maybe happiness is a fleeting moment. It comes and goes. Maybe you get lengthy episodes of happy then they leave you. After all life is a rollercoaster ride,  right? Happy isn’t so fragile to me. That’s why I don’t think it is a moment.
I find happiness in a lot of simple things. Sometimes in nothing at all. I am just happy in myself. I am in a constant state of happiness. And its beautiful. Maybe I am just too much of an optimist.


2 thoughts on “What is Happiness?

  1. Your amazing post has taught me to look for my “happy” even in my most depressing moment. Life is definetely a roller coaster ride and you need to focus on your little happy. I wonder what you’ve got to write on love?! Keep on writing random Tina #respect

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