A seriously cold night.

I am sitting in my departments computer lab on a freezing June night (this would have flowed better if it was a freezing December night) working on my dissertation and convincing myself that I’ve come this far I can surely do this but goodness I am so scared I might fail.

Failure. The one thing that motivates me. Makes me push myself to the limit and beyond. I am more scared of failing now because last academic year I failed one of my core courses and had to write a supplementary exam. It was such a humbling moment really. That made me wish I could take an IQ test just to know exactly how smart I am. Yes, we all fail and fall short of something once or twice but we hope to never fail or fall short. Cause really that’s one of the most sucky things to happen. Maybe that’s why I am pushing myself a little harder, putting in extra effort I didn’t know I had, surviving on coffee and at most four hours of sleep (college right, sigh). I am redirecting my fear and energy to school. I am determined to have the best academic year of my college stay, after all this is my last.

Anyway, I should decide on what model I want to use for my regression. Anybody care to do a good deed and write this dissertation for me? 🙂 Can I just emphasize how cold tonight is?


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