I was taking a walk around midnight and I wished I was walking next to you. The stinging wind blowing in my face wouldn’t be less freezing but you would be talking and I would be laughing. Or we could just admire the silence and how beautiful you and I look under streetlights. This night would have gone down as one of my most memorable nights. If only you were here.
Funny how much I crave you more than I admit. Looking for you in dark corners, knowing fully well you will not be there.  This is ridiculous and the possibility of coming undone again is high but I only hope I don’t. Ridiculous.
I am scared that all we had is all we will ever have. And I want more. I am not sure I will ever get more. But yet here I am.
Tell me you like me. I like myself more when you like me. I know this is ridiculous but what do I do. Tell me. Anything. Everything. Tell me why you look at me with humour in your eyes. Do I make you happy? Are you laughing at me? Tell me.
I am here waiting for you to tell me. Maybe I will wait forever. Maybe I wont. I am not sure anymore. But I am waiting….


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