And then

You ever do something everybody says will be the greatest moment (or at least one of the most significant moments of your life) or something you have been dreaming about and anticipating¬† and wishing on for a while and your next thought is, “And then? Is that it?“.

i recently went through that again, because it isn’t my first time having the and then thought and I must say, the things you want to experience, the memories you want to create, what what have a more than 99.988888% chance to disappoint you. Okay I am a little bit let down but you get the gist. Don’t look forward to moments and experiences. And some things are better off being looked at from a safe distance and not worth experiencing. Some things will leave you feeling inadequate. And a little bit bitter. And have you wishing for time machines and erasers for moments.

But anyway, moments are everywhere and are happening to us as we go. Let them go.