Hello guys, this is my attempt at poetry.

She unlocks the door
She is welcomed by the smell of beer that has been left open and something She cant really place.
She calls it the smell of broken dreams because really thats what She feels when the stench hits her nostrils.
She finds the man She loves and hates, seated infront of the noisy television. Looking almost lifelessly at it.
He tries too hard not to acknowledge her. She murmurs a hello and the outbursts begin.See lately it seems She says the wrong things always.
Before She knows it things are flying, glasses are broken and he is halfway through the door.She picks up the broken pieces.She fixes broken things,
She doesn’t replace them.
How can you replace a heart?


Eat Shit, A billion flies can’t be wrong.

Good morning readers, (Me and that one other guy I have to force to read this blog).
How are you feeling on this beautiful Saturday morning? Me? I am feeling inspirational. Despite it being almost 10 and me still in bed I feel like today is the day I inspire somebody. So what better way to start than a new blog post.

So, eat shit, a billion flies cant be wrong, right?
That was one of the quotes I picked up at our symposium out of the many speeches.
That is a quote about group behaviour and going with the crowd or the wind. That quote should inspire you to move away from the crowd and do something different. Its another look to the everybody is doing it line. So you would eat shit because everybody is doing it, huh?
Dear reader don’t just exist and make safe choices and choose paths because a billion people before you chose that road. Choose the road less travelled and that will make all the difference.