I Am Not The Girl You Love When It’s Convenient

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We worked so well — until we didn’t.

It’s only been about a week, and I haven’t really realized what I’ve lost yet. I’ll miss the long talks late at night, the jokes we shared that no one else would laugh at, and of course, I’ll miss the sex.

We used to fit together so perfectly. We talked and played and messed around as if it were a scripted sitcom on TV – I always thought to myself “this is too good to be real”. It was fleeting and a whirlwind, and I’ll never regret one second of it.

We were so compatible in so many ways, but unfortunately, not in the ways that matter most. I’m too strong, I’ve been through too much. It’s hardened me and made me into someone who loves in ways that are different than you do. You could never understand, and…

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Self love

Okay let me share.
I think I am seriously growing up. I am saying no and actually speaking up for myself. I am asking for more(unashamedly)  when I am no longer satisfied (a thing an ex said made him feel inadequate). But I’ve realised self love means being a little selfish. It means saying no to what you want oh so damn badly because its not right for you, not what you need . It means allowing yourself to feel a little lonely for the well being of your emotions. It means protecting yourself.