Dear You

Dear you,

I hope you find love. 

A love that makes you look at the half moon and tell it stories about your other half.

A love that makes you understand that chemistry is a chain reaction; a smile that makes your heart beat faster, a touch that sets your body ablaze.

A love like water; baptising your hurt away, purifying your soul. 
Dear you,

I hope you find a love that stays.


I am tired

I am tired.
Tired of starting over after things end to be specific.
Tired by the thought of opening up and setting all my demons free with somebody else again.
Tired of sharing my hopes and dreams with someone else again.
Tired of sharing my intimate being with somebody else.
I am tired of increasing the number of people who know me like that.
Maybe thats why I am usually not in a relationship. Or maybe I might be too good at being alone. All I know is I am tired of getting into a new relationship and getting to know somebody again and getting to make a different kind of space in my life for them and everything that comes with it. I am also tired of going back to the same people I was with all because I dont want to be with someone new. I swear, the hardest part of ending is starting again.

I am so looking forward to my last person.