7 Days

Day 1:
Why all the effort? Why all the lies ? Why walk into my life the first place and leave it a mess?
Why ask for love and throw it back in my face?

Day 2:
I was hoping to love him till forever,
but I guess that’s not going to happen
And I’m supposed to be fine but I am not.
I feel sad. I feel sad. I am sooo sad.

Day 3:
I need to paint. I need to write. I need to cry.
I need to get him out of my system.
I need to smoke him out, I need to drink him down.
I need to fuck another and let it go.

Day 4:
Its really over isn’t it?
There’s an organ in our bodies that lets us know when something is dead.
mine woke me with the chilling yet somehow warming realisation that its over.

Day 5:
Maybe this is why we never looked at the ceiling and talked after sex.
Maybe this is why he never felt like home, a nice lodge with a killer view of the ocean maybe, but never home.
Maybe this is why I hesitated.

Day 6:
Oh look the sun is still shining, the rain might fall, the wind still blows.
The world is still revolving.
The gray skies seem a little comforting.

Day 7:
You gave it your all
You wore your heart on your sleeve
Its not your fault your love is a sweet blend of Friday night and Sunday afternoon.
And his, well his is what you think Monday mornings are like without coffee.
Not your fault he left you and all you did was say the words.
Its not your fault you loved and you lost.